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Mondays 6-8pm
Slab Method- A Method Of Making Pottery In Which A Thick, Flat Plate, Or Slice, Of Clay Is Cut Into Shapes Which Are Joined To Form An Object. The Joined Edges Are Scored And Slip Is Used. Slip- Clay Diluted With Water To The Consistency Of Cream, Used For Joining Pieces Of Clay.
Tuesday 6-8pm
A pinch pot is a simple form of hand-made pottery produced from ancient times to the present. The pinching method is to create pottery that can be ornamental or functional, and has been widely employed across cultures and times. Simple clay vessels such as bowls and cups of various sizes can be formed and shaped by hand using a methodical pinching process in which the clay walls are thinned by pinching them with thumb and forefinger.
Pit Firing
Last Thursday 
of the month
Pit firing is the oldest known method for the firing of pottery. Unfired pots are nestled together in a pit in the ground and are then covered with combustible materials such as wood shavings, leaves, metal oxides, salts, sawdust and dried manure.  The filled pit is then set on fire and carefully tended until most of the inner fuel has been consumed. After cooling, pots are removed and cleaned to reveal patterns and colours left by ash and salt deposits. Pots may then be waxed and buffed to create a smooth glossy finish.
Wednesdays 6-8pm
Coiling is a method of creating pottery that has been used to shape clay into vessels for many thousands of years. Using the coiling technique, it is possible to build thicker or taller walled vessels. The technique permits control of the walls as they are built up and allows building on top of the walls to make the vessel look bigger and bulge outward or narrow inward with less danger of collapsing. 



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“Clay work is like the Cinderella of the arts. She still waits to be discovered with her magic, her beauty, and her ability to transform the wells of human experiences into places of insight and celebration.“


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